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low sodium foods list nutrition facts rich foods chart high iron 8 mg or more of iron per 100 gms of the food low sodium means the food has 140 milligrams or less per 100 grams calorie low calorie 40 cal or less per racc and per 50 g if racc is small meals and main dishes 120 cal or less per 100 g high calorie a food with 400 calories or more per servings food data chart sodium nhri foods that contain significant amounts of potassium and also low levels of sodium are fresh and frozen fruits and sodium food charts sodium beverages nutrition facts label sodium food and drug administration of the food the daily value for sodium is less than 2 400 mg per day when paring foods choose foods with a lower %dv of sodium the goal is to less than of the daily value for sodium each day and remember • dv or less of sodium per serving is low • dv or more of sodium per serving is high look for sources of sodium on the ingre nt list on a food package 21 foods that are low in sodium simplyhealth today 21 foods that are low in sodium advertisement then one of the best ways to do that is to shed some water weight by eating a low sodium t for a day how to track your sodium american heart association how to track your sodium make your sandwiches with lower sodium meats and low fat low sodium cheeses choose foods with potassium to counter the salt & sodium sodium pdf how to follow a low sodium diet heart failure society of n how to follow a low sodium t the chart here lists low sodium seasonings to use when cooking excellent low sodium foods guide to low sodium eating uc davis health guide to low sodium eating the chart below shows how lifestyle changes 35 mg = very low sodium food 140 mg = low sodium food list of low sodium diet foods unrefined whole grains contain less sodium than foods prepared with refined grains e cup of wild rice for example contains a mere 5 milligrams of sodium while instant sweetened oatmeal provides 253 milligrams lower sodium foods shopping list healthfinder most people eat much more sodium salt than they need this can lead to health problems like high blood pressure to lower the amount of sodium in your t follow these tips when you go food shopping choose fresh instead of processed foods when you can use the nutrition facts label to check the amount of sodium


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